Safety Document Templates


Listed below are the key documents suggested as the minimum safety requirements for any ASRF Nationals event. These documents were first developed and used at the Blue Lake Nationals 2018 event and proved very effective for those needs.

These procedures are not necessarily all encompassing nor all inclusive. Event organisers should take all necessary steps to satisfy themselves on the content and suitability of the details provided for each event following review and approval by the ASRF National Committee.

The documents are provided on the basis that they are for the use of the ASRF Event Managers and are not to be reproduced, copied, or issued to any third party.

The key documents are:-

  • Event Safety Plan
  • Event Emergency & Evacuation Plan
  • Event Hazard Analysis Procedure
  • Guidelines for the use and application of these documents.

There are other documentation needs that ideally should be applied at any ASRF Nationals event, and these go hand in hand with the above procedures: –

  • Use of an Incident Report (EMC version already posted by the ASRF for its use, refer to our Forms & Documents)
  • Nomination of an Event Safety Committee and creation of a Daily Committee & Safety Committee Briefing & Records Process.
  • Event Safety Committee Responsibilities List
  • Emergency Procedures Poster and Site Plan
  • Entrant Rules
  • Exhibitor & Vendor Introductory Letter/Email and Agreement
  • Exhibitor & Vendor Safety Audit

These documents are cross referenced and will not only assist towards ensuring that matters are handled appropriately and consistently; but will potentially also support the ASRF in defending any actions should any accident, incident or the like occur at a future Nationals event when these are in place. 

There is no one safety solution for all needs; these documents are set up to take the ASRF to an improved level but can be amended as required. Any amendments should be made however without compromising the integrity of existing practices listed therein. 

Documents for Download

The documents referred to available below for download in .docx format so that they may be edited for subsequent events.