Affiliated Clubs can apply to obtain a Sanction from the ASRF Divisional Council for their event. An ASRF sanctioned event is covered by the ASRF Public Liability Insurance Policy. Non-affiliated clubs and individuals may also be able to apply for a Travel Permit for their event. For more information contact your ASRF State Director.

Sanction Request Form A – for all events.

All applicants should download and print Sanction Request Form Part A, which includes Annexures A and B in relation to Incident Reporting and Investigation. Once completed you will need to submit this to your state’s Divisional Council via the ASRF State Director, ASRF Head Office for on-forwarding, or in person at your next Divisional Council meeting. Approved applications will be issued a Sanction Number which should be used in conjunction with the ASRF logo wherever the event is promoted.

If you require additional copies of Annexures A and B only, these have also been provided below.

Sanction Request Form B – for large events or those with driving events.

If your event includes a Go-Whoa or other driving event, expects to attract more than 1,000 spectators, or is perceived as high risk, you will ALSO need to download, print and complete Sanction Request Form Part B. If you are unsure, please ask, as it could affect Insurance coverage of your event.