Forms and Documents

You will find some of the most popular online and/or downloadable forms here.

ASRF Membership Application (New Members and Renewals)

  • Print – Refer to your ASRF Street Rodder News magazine, or contact ASRF Head Office.
  • Online –
    (For individuals that are not members of affiliated clubs. Includes Partner details. If you are a financial member of an affiliated club you are eligible for a reduced rate, contact your committee for instructions).


ASRF Partner Membership Application (For spouse/partner of financial ASRF members)


Change of Club Details


Event Sanction Application and Incident Reporting Forms (All States)


ASRF Junior Rodder Application Form





Other Forms and Documents


The Australian Street Rod Federation Ltd (ASRF) is a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a Constitution.
Click here to view the Certificate of Registration

The Constitution is administered by the National Control Council (NCC). Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to the NCC 6 weeks prior to the ASRF AGM, to be voted on by the NCC. If approved, the amended Constitution will then be lodged with the relevant Government body.
Click here to download the Company Constitution

Click here to download the ASRF Handbook

The ASRF Code of Conduct was adopted by the National Control Council(NCC) in September 2013.
Click here to download the ASRF Code of Conduct – September 2013




New Club Affiliation

When a group of ASRF members wish to form a Club and become Affiliated with the ASRF, they must follow a set criteria. This Affiliation Application Pack will guide you through the process, however you can contact your Divisional Director or ASRF National Office if you have any further queries.
There is an incentive payment of $150.00 for all NEW clubs, to help offset costs involved.
Click here to download the ASRF Club Affiliation Information Pack

ASRF Event/Run Report Form

Sanctioned Events Organisers are encourages to have a Club Delegate or a Steward to report on the event to ASRF, this allows for important statistics to be recorded and may help to promote future events.
Click here to download the ASRF Event & Run Report Form

Go-Whoa Events

Clubs holding Go-Whoa events will NEED to adhere to new rules, set down by the insurance company. Non compliance to these rules can & will affect insurance coverage. Clubs applying for a Sanction may need to prove Insurance Coverage to Venue/Location suppliers.
Click here to download the ASRF Compliance Rules for Go-Whoa Events

Certificate of Currency

The ASRF Public & Products Liability Policy covers Australian Street Rod Federation Ltd. including State Registered Clubs. Please note that certain terms and conditions apply - refer to Head Office for further information.

If you require a copy of the Certificate of Currency please contact Head Office with confirmation of sanction issued.

ASRF Club Grant Application

It was approved by the NCC at the AGM 2004, until further notice, that ASRF affiliated clubs can request up to $500.00 Advertising and Promotion money for a multiple day rod run or event. The NCC has requested that the money is to be spent on genuine advertising and promotion with the media for the benefit of promotion for the sport of Street Rodding within Australia. Further to this, a Criteria was set in 2007 stating that the ASRF must be recognised as a major sponsor of the event and the ASRF logo must appear on all promotional materials, T-shirts/Trophy. Click here to download the ASRF Club Grant Criteria/Application

ASRF Financial Report

As a membership based Organisation, the Australian Street Rod Federation Inc is subject to a yearly audit and in compliance with the ASRF Constitution, fully audited financial statements must be presented to the NCC at the ASRF AGM. This document, once accepted is then available to any ASRF member for perusal.
Copies are available through ASRF National Office, please email your request to


It is a condition of accepting an ASRF Sanction that the ASRF logo must be included on all advertising, leaflets, etc. The logos below are sufficient resolution for most forms of artwork. If you require a higher resolution image, please contact ASRF Head Office with your requirements.