About The ASRF

The Australian Street Rod Federation is a non-profit, voluntary organisation which has pledged itself to the promotion and development of street rodding in Australia The ASRF is your liaison with state transport authorities on the development of street rodding in Australia. Its primary objective is to increase the number of street rods and customs in Australia by assisting members to build, register and insure their vehicles. To achieve this, the ASRF is committed to promoting and developing street rodding as a major national hobby.


Individual Members join for two years for $110 (subject to change) single membership and receive a renewal notice prior to the expiration of their membership. Membership commences once an application and prescribed fee is received and processed and a membership card and merchandise are issued. Individual Members have the right to be present at State Council meetings and have their opinions heard. However, they do not have the right to vote at those meetings.

Members of ASRF Affiliated Clubs join for two years at $88 (subject to change). A pro-rata rate will apply to align members with the renewal dates applicable to their club. Members should contact their committee for details.

This is to encourage members to join a club where they will receive assistance and advice on construction from experienced rodders and companionship with people with a common interest.

Club members, via the club delegates to State Council meetings, have the right to vote on all matters.

Upon expiry of the club membership, clubs will receive a renewal notice and request for members current membership details.


All members are entitled to receive each issue of the ASRF newsletter ‘Street Rodding News’ and the right to receive assistance from a TAC and the ASRF to obtain registration for their ASRF Class vehicle for use on Australian roads.

Members are also entitled to purchase and wear Federation merchandise to enable them to be easily recognised as a participant in our sport.

Members are recognised by government bodies, particularly after extensive negotiations by members of the ASRF on their behalf in previous years.

Members may access the ASRF Supplier Discount Scheme and receive discounts and benefits from various parts and service suppliers.
(Note that inclusion of a parts and service supplier in the scheme is NOT an endorsement by the ASRF of that supplier.)


Financial members are invited to add their spouse/partner to their membership for no extra charge. In the event of an insurance claim, both the member and the partner will be covered.

Please be aware that no other membership benefits apply to the partner. There is no card issued or newsletter sent to partners. It also does not entitle partners to TAC inspections, limited registration or full club membership.


Financial members are invited to enrol their children and/or grand children as ASRF Junior Rodders at no charge, applicable to kids 15 and under. Junior Rodders will receive a regular newsletter which includes puzzles, fun facts and competitions. Join via the Join button above!


Gold Pass Members (No Longer Available for purchase) – These members are entitled to free membership and complimentary basic entry to National events organised by the ASRF only. This does NOT apply to other ASRF sanctioned events, or Regional National events.

Silver Members (No Longer Available for purchase) – These members are entitled free membership



ASRF membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Street Rods or Customs. Ownership of a finished Rod or Custom is definitely not a prerequisite, in fact we believe that joining before you purchase or commence building an ASRF class vehicle will provide you access to information and support that will be vital in the process of getting a rod or custom on the road.

To cater for the variety of rod and custom enthusiasts in Australia, the ASRF structure supports two types of membership, CLUB and INDIVIDUAL.

Club membership is aimed at rodders who want to join one of the many charter clubs throughout Australia and participate in the ASRF via the State-based Divisional Councils (DC).

Individual membership is aimed at rodders who don’t want to join a charter club, or who are members of non-affiliated clubs.

The fee for club membership has been reduced because collecting the membership fees for club members is the responsibility of the club secretaries, therefore there is significantly less work for the ASRF National Secretary compared to processing renewal paperwork for individual members. These savings are passed on to club members in the form of a lower bi-annual fee.

The ASRF is run by a board of directors, known as the National Control Council (NCC). The NCC consists of one representative, known as a State Director, from each State, or District, who is elected by a majority vote of their District Council (DC). Each State Director has one vote at the NCC, regardless of the size of their DC.

The DC in turn consists of one representative, known as a Club Delegate, from each Charter Club within that DC, who each have one vote, again regardless of the size of their club.

The Club Delegate is elected by a majority vote of the ASRF members in each Charter Club.

This system allows each club in a District to have an equal say in how things are run in their DC, whilst ensuring larger DC’s can’t dominate voting at the NCC.

Individual members of the federation do have a vote in how things are run.

Whenever the NCC decide an issue is too important to be decided via the club voting system, or when a DC calls for such a vote, a National Referendum is called.

In a National Referendum, one or more question/s are forwarded to every member of the Federation via mail and every member has the opportunity to vote via return mail.

The ASRF adopted the club based representative voting system 40 years ago because it was impractical for an organisation of our size to use a one man – one vote system for every decision that needs to be made.

Unfortunately the size of our country makes it difficult, expensive and slow to organise a full membership referendum, therefore they are conducted via the SRN mail distribution whenever the NCC decide one is required.

The NCC regularly discuss alternative ways in which a full voting system could be implemented, but although SMS, email or web polls show promise, until every member in the country is actively using such technologies we will continue to rely on the postal services as a medium that all rodders can use.

The NCC recognise that communications with individual members is problematic. We are currently focussing on improving all of our communications mechanisms, with a particular emphasis on making more information available outside the DC and club delegate process.

All minutes of DC meetings are published on the ASRF website.

Individual members can also attend DC meetings or ring their State Director if they have concerns or if they want to know what is happening. As an individual you won’t have a vote at DC meetings, but you will always be given an opportunity to voice an opinion, and therefore influence any vote.

You are welcome to contact the ASRF Head Office or the Divisional Director in your state. Please visit our Contacts page.

For membership and other forms, please visit Forms & Documents.